Driven by the progressive values of Rutgers Presbyterian Church, the Peace and Social Justice Network organizes community forums on pressing issues, conducts a number of letter writing campaigns each year, and leads the Rutgers community in local and global demonstrations—look for our banner at the next Pride parade or climate march!

On the national level we:

  • Oppose all torture at home and abroad
  • Reject all use of war, and educate about peacemaking
  • Encourage our leaders to assist in the global refugee crisis and address climate change
  • Campaign for fair taxation policies

On the local level we:

  • Support programs that fight hunger and provide shelter, healthcare and education for all people
  • Work for fair treatment of immigrants
  • Protect and support people of all sexual orientations and gender identities

All are invited to our meetings— usually held after services on the second Sunday of each month in the third floor Session Room. For more information, contact us.