Edith Mutindi Kavoo

Rutgers Sunday School Global Teaching Fellow

Edith is serving with our church from her distant home in Mombasa, Kenya. Edith was born in a small village called Kithuani in Machakos county. Most of her childhood she grew up without a father who passed on when she was just 9 years old.

Her mother, being a peasant farmer, struggled to bring her up and provide for her and her four siblings,2 sisters and 2 brothers. It is through these struggles that Edith found solace in the word of God and her faith in God grew immensely. With the support of well-wishers and benefactors Edith was able to receive secondary and college education at the university.

During and since her studies she served in a number of schools across Kenya and currently she teaches at the Jaffery Academy in Mombasa. Edith is a well- experienced educator with over 13years of teaching dealing with different levels of students from elementary to middle school.

In her college years Edith became the Christian outreach ministry coordinator.

This gave her immense experience, exposure and skills in contextualizing the Christian message to different age groups. Ever since Edith has passionately served God in the outreach ministry involving diverse and robust child-centered programs including Bible study, community service, self-improvement activities, seminars and training, evangelism, and outdoor events such as camps.

Edith writes: I believe that a child's mind is like a fertile garden on which when the word of God is sown and watered, it thrives and bears fruits. The fruits give rise to healthy seeds. This cycle is a continuum to evangelism and a better world.


Edith is a doting mother to a two and a half year old son Myles and a loving wife to Richard Muema.