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Education, Advocacy, Service and Support

The Rutgers congregation strives to fulfill the command of Jesus to “love your neighbor” through service and hospitality to neighbors in need; through education and advocacy around justice issues; and through financial support to mission projects of the PC (USA) and other organizations working for peace and justice. The Board of Deacons, the Peace and Social Justice Network, the Christian Education Committee and the Giving Network coordinate the activities listed below, but all are invited to participate. For more information or to volunteer, please contact the church administrative assistant at 212-877-8227 x201.

Education and Advocacy

The Refugee Task Force of Rutgers Presbyterian Church began work in the Fall of 2015 to plan how the church community could help to address the refugee crisis.   Donations were made to the Church World Service (one of the nonprofit organizations that works with the U.S. Department of State to resettle refugees), the Zakat Foundation of America, the Organization for Social Innovation (ARNO) in Macedonia, and the White Helmets project in Syria. Beginning in the Winter of 2016, the church began sponsoring a Syrian family resettled by the Church World Service in Jersey City.  Donations in support of this work can be made here. We are pleased that our efforts to help families through Church World Service has been brought to the attention of a wider audience through publication of an article in the Presbyterian Outlook magazine. For a storyboard of the family getting ready for back to school, click here.

Peter Rinaldi, a filmmaker and writer with a long association with Rutgers Presbyterian Church, was inspired to tell the story of the church’s Refugee Task Force and its efforts to co-sponsor a Syrian refugee family. His video is here.

Donations in support of the church’s refugee assistance can be made here. All are welcome to attend task force meetings, which are announced on the calendar of this website.

The Peace and Social Justice Network conducts a number of letter writing campaigns each year, including the annual Bread for the World offering of letters. It also organizes community forums on pressing issues; recently, Representative Jerrold Nadler spoke on the situation in Iraq, and panel discussions were held on the crisis of AIDS in Africa and the Jubilee Campaign to eliminate third world debt. Members of Rutgers also march together – look for our banner in the next Pride parade or peace march.

Rutgers is a strong advocate in the U.S Presbyterian Church for full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the Church. Rutgers is part of the More Light Churches Network, a member of PARITY, and a supporter of the Covenant Network.


Men’s Support Group

Men’s Support Group meets weekly at the church house. The group is open to HIV+ men and men living with AIDS, regardless of race, sexual orientation or religious affiliation. For additional information please contact Douglas S. Rowan, HIV/PLWA Coordinator.

Broadway Community

During Sunday worship, money and food are collected to support Broadway Community, Inc., a program of Broadway Presbyterian Church that provides assistance to the poor, the homeless, and recovering substance abusers.

Thank you again for helping us in the fight against hunger. Your gift will result in 6,552 meals for hungry Americans.

— Vicki Escarra, President and CEO, Feeding America