236 West 73rd Street between Broadway & West End Ave., New York, NY Sunday Service at 11 AM



Choral Staff

Mary Nelson, Organist and Music Director
James Balmer, Choir Director


Faith Esham, soprano
Janara Kellerman, mezzo soprano
David Kelso, tenor
Duncan Hartman, bass
Harry Thompson, baritone

Choral Section Leaders

Theresa Santiago and Beverly Thiele, soprano
Laura Mixter and Amber Smoke, alto
Calvin Thompson, bass

Oswaldo Iraheta, tenor


Like many, I gave at first because that’s what you were supposed to do. More recently, I’ve come to own it as my own thing. It’s a reminder to myself that this is my identity … every week, giving a portion (and just a portion, I decide what to do with everything else), identifies me with Christ and with bringing about the Kingdom of God on Earth. And that’s why I give.

— Christine Gorman, church member