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RPC Gourmet Groups

Rutgers Presbyterian Church - Gourmet Groups

New Membership/Community Building Program

**To Sign Up-  Contact Cynthia Gale at geoart2002@yahoo.com.

In response to a request for fresh, creative approaches to facilitate the expansion of membership at Rutgers Church as well as fostering more meaningful relationships throughout the existing congregation, welcome to RPC Gourmet Groups!  See details below:

  • RPC Gourmet Group Mission-  To provide a comfortable environment for existing Rutgers members and newcomers to get to know one another, the goal being to help potential new members learn more about our community in a relaxed, personal, non-threatening environment.     
  • Restaurant Rendezvous and COOP Connoisseurs-  Two Gourmet Group structures will be available for sign up with the busy lives of New York City residents in mind.  “ Restaurant Rendezvous” will be structured so that group members meet monthly at a pre-designated restaurant to dine and socialize.  “COOP Connoisseurs” will be structured so that group members meet monthly at a group member’s apartment to dine and socialize-  the host apartment will be responsible for providing the meal that month. 
  • *Newcomers interested in learning more about the Rutgers community can be invited to join any group for dinner at any time.
  • RPCGG Program Details-  Proposed Dates-  September 2013-May 2014 (Skip June, July, August and December) for a total of 8 dinners.  Proposed Monthly Date -  Third Thursday of every month.  Proposed Time -  7:00pm.  Proposed number of people per group -  8-10.
  • Group Details-  To be provided once RPC Gourmet Group sign up is complete.  Groups will be finalized over the Summer, enabling all participants to incorporate RPC Gourmet Group meeting dates into their Fall calendars.      
  • Group Leaders-  One enthusiastic group leader will be assigned per group to keep everyone on task by sending out e-mail reminders monthly to all group members.  RPC Gourmet Group leaders will be provided with contact and address information for all group members which they will then disseminate to the group.  The leader will also determine Restaurant Rendezvous, restaurant location(s) or assign dates to COOP Connoisseur dinner hosts. 
  • Restaurant Rendezvous and COOP Connoisseurs Reminders-  Dinner date reminders will be noted in the Rutgers Sunday Bulletin and be posted on the Rutgers website. 


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